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The measure of a man
Is not in his measurements
Nor his treasured moments

But in the dents
He tries to beat out


Me - April 2014






Journal Entry: Sat May 10, 2014, 2:10 PM

WickedMorgana, in the cowering darkened city; neon is dead. Theatres all play the same movie, over and over again. No one watches; they’re all in their basements or ancient fallout shelters. Morgana’s heels clack pavement, and the echo goes on forever.
Feast on your tins of peanut butter and crackers; Morgana feasts on minds. Minds like yours, soft like veal. Everyone said this night would come, but no one believed it would be now. How could it be, when just yesterday the playgrounds were filled with sunlight and laughter?
Lightning cracks sky and illumes devastation, wretchedness, emptiness. Lions have escaped the zoos, and roam the streets hungry and fierce. The wind howls your name as you sit in the darkness wearing your foil hat. Morgana laughs, and laughs, and laughs.
And the echo goes on forever; like carnival music at a funeral, like a grave robber’s laugh, like handbills flying down an alley for a play that was never produced; like a child lost in the crowds, like t
They probably ponder, tooOne morning, everyone woke up feeling kinda good.
And looking forward to the day.
And everyone knew exactly how to solve all the problems that had appeared previously over the course of their lives. Unconditional love all over the place.
It somehow felt.. well, wrong. This sudden warmth and clarity surrounding everybody was simply not natural.
Although, as humans remain humans, the clarity was rather limited. Not one had the foggiest idea of what the cause of all this could be. So, they carried on as well as they could with this new-found peace, and instead the animals held a conference, their minds in a bubble of consciousness, an agreement of peace between them in this void.
The butterflies and dolphins thought that nothing needed to be found out, that all life was better off this way. The dogs agreed heartily, so did the tuna, and the monkeys concurred after a while. The seals remained indifferent, but the sloths thought it was an outrage. The armadillos couldn't decide, and the slu
Let the lions comeLet the lions come;
Let their barbs be sharpened
Their torture instruments charged with all the hate for freedom they contain
Let the lions come;
Let them despoil my name
Let them treat me as no worth, as they remove the wings from a butterfly
Let the lions come;
Let them hurt those I love
Let them take from me the life and breath that those around me give
Let the lions come;
Let them take away all hope
Let them strip me of my freedom and cage me in their darkened halls
Let the lions come;
Let them assure me of their victory
Let them slowly make me die in dread and in despair
Let the lions come;
Let them take this frail body
For they will never
Nor ever
Take away the breath of life that is me
Nor decorate their empty hearts with my stained and bloodied mind
My thoughts run free
The wind is their partner
My words are but gossamer on the breeze
And my mind is mine alone.
Let the lions come;
I am ready
A Goddess Of Wasps
She lays in the deepest part of the Pennsylvania forest, an area known by some as "God's country".
Her once deep, green eyes now see nothing, the rotted empty sockets given an insect facetted gaze.
"They"found her and made her their domain, refilling her slowly over the years with the life I had taken,
feeding on what she offered as her corpse lay rotting amidst the dank soil and moss. A tree has overgrown her
fleshless cage. No longer is there heart imprisoned within, lungs made convict. Maggots and worms set
them free long ago when she was lordess of corpse flies, but like so many others, they left her, taking what
they would, and leaving her nothing. She lay unmoved, unfeeling, unloved, unwanted. I cried for her then,
laying my head upon what had once been her ample breast, breathing in what had once been her sweet
perfume that still lingered in my memory if not on her soft, white skin.
She sleeps silently, saying nothing of what others have done to bring her pain, forgiving all tre



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eqlrytes Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014
Yeah, I'm nosin' around. Don't yell at me. :)
uki--uki Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Thank you so much for the appreciation!


▀█▀ █▀ █_█ ▀█▀ █▬█ Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N

We are here to help to break the spell of programmed humanity
and change the nature of the experience here what we call earth.

We are here to create a revolution unlike any that has gone before. A Conscious Awareness Tsunami that will sweep the planet and shake our modern world to its very core.

Breaking the Illusion about what most people in the world believe to be true,
the government lies, banking system scam, main stream media tailored news,
that shapes the mind of all people around the world and creates this illusion of "normality".
A hijacked reality that people can't see because is repeated every day
All-My-Darkness Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Watching your stuff for while.

Very stimulating stuff.

Much of my writing revolves around themes of how society is bunch of ideas
that most people embrace due to the fact they they either know no better
or that the ideas fulfill them.

I have questions and thoughts.

I ask these questions of all who question society (including myself).

I believe your are passionate about what you are informing others with
therefore I ask you place some of that passion into answering my questions
if you have time. My thanks in advance if you do so.


If we do educate the world to all the illusions and lies
What will we, the educators replace the current society with?

Once you install the understanding that ideas are just ideas,  rules that can be broken
what is the stopping point?

What is stop people realizing that 'right and wrong' are just ideas too, one that can be discarded.

The prisons of the world are full of those who have been either taught to disregard societal 'right and wrong' as they have benefited by doing so
or perhaps been pushed out of society for others reasons and therefore turned their back on socities ideas.

Clearly opposing society this way gets you no where good fast alot of the time.


Who will decide which ideas will replace any removed?

Individuals or new leaders?

Humans are dangerous aggressive animals
who without social Ideas on 'right and wrong' (dependent on geography / culture / religion)
Instinctively seek to increase mate choice and resources via violence and grouping together with those like minded.

We need ideas that replace the ones taken and I find very few people with answers in that regard.

Many spend time teaching the world to 'wake up' and see 'the truth' that ideas can be discarded
but rarely inform people what to do with that knowledge / awareness besides keep teaching it to others.

With the illusion of need for mainstream commodities (fashion / cars etc) removed
The genetic need to gather will still be in our DNA.

Will people gather what they need peaceably?

Without the distractions of TV , sports and hyped bullshit media / news
humans will hunt for something else to believe in and fight for in groups.

These instincts have not left our genetics.
10,000 years since being hunter gatherers is not enough to remove the combative nature will are born with.

Humans are animals.

We consider ourselves elevated from them by languages, writing, rules etc
but display daily the same aggression for mate choice, territory and resource gathering.


No one wants a lawless society, no one wants to be controlled by laws.

Which is safer / better, for ourselves and our families?

How may we all live in peace
when we all instinctively want take what we need?
uki--uki Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
I'm glad that you do have questions about our world and society, everyone should be doing the same and we whom do have questions, should tell others to ask questions as well, to have the initiative, not just ask but, mostly important search for answers.

I'm nobody special just another guy in the planet, all I have really done is asked many many questions, and searched for answers, it is clear to me the world is all wrong and I always had this feeling about it, I have found some answers but not all of them, the ones I have and that seen to be right has been shared here on DA. There is no absolute truth but it is possible to get close enough to the truth in all different fields if we search hard enough.

We can't fix society only ourselves, the best thing we can do is to give good exampling, and tell others to have initiative to do the same. To look into ourselves is the most important thing.

It is interesting sometimes how/where we find answers, "You must unlearn what you have learned." - Yoda

We truly have been programmed, it is a tough and difficult path to deprogram(unlearn) ourselves, all the time the system push against us all the deceptive values that are destroying us. The media is a machine that program people and people does pass ahead all that to each other. But the system/media only serve the interest of few, not the many.
TV, news papers, magazines in the vast majority of it is poison to the mind. Usually I tell to people: "it does fill people's mind with void." To turn off the TV is an excellent step to deprogramming/unlearn.

People first have to free themselves from all false understandings, beliefs, violence, crime, and so forth and so on, all the mind set the humanity is into, all what they have accumulated that is actually causing our problems, but they must recognize it, culture isn't our friend it doesn't serve us, Culture Is Perversion.
It seen to me by recognizing our state of self destructive path and unlearning it is the first step to reverse our situation.
"I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it." - Morpheus

is the only thing that can fix our current state. If we do really love each other, then we wouldn't do anything to harm each other or any other creature or the environment. And this is the real tough part, we are addicted to so many destructive things that we don't even need or some cases even know. We produce so much waste, garbage, in many different forms, in the air, in the soil, in the water, specially in our minds, microwaves, technology, wars, and so forth and so on ... we must unlearn all that and start to love ourselves each other and the planet. Then, from true love we will replace all that is wrong with values that are based on love. I don't see any other way. We must stop doing all the things that are causing harm.

So if we truly love we won't produce any sort of pollution, or commit anything that will do harm, or any crime, or speak lies but only truth, we will educate each other to love each other since birth, we will work together, gather together, live together, look after each others children and take care of each other.

What we have to heal above of all is our consciousness, it is the part of us that is been hijacked, corrupted, poised, we must clean it up, then we will start to love. That is where the whole thing about awakening come from, there is a consciousness awakening happening, people is starting to realize/recognize what is wrong and starting to say no to it or stopping doing things that aren't good for all of us, but the first place to look is into ourselves.

Love is the only truth everything else is an illusion.

scarletwave Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
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