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The measure of a man
Is not in his measurements
Nor his treasured moments

But in the dents
He tries to beat out


Me - April 2014





For The Wronged

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 10:20 PM

It is time.

To those I have spoken ill of and to

I expect no answers to this

Or forgiveness

For I am worth neither

And neither are honestly worthy to me

For I meant every word at the time

I give no other explanation
Than what I did
Was in the name
Of required loyalty
To myself
Or to those who mattered to me

And when that was not the case

I still had a point

Even if it was flawed

Or that I and others like me

Were not to be trusted

Despite this an who I was

The once betrayer, deceiver

and truly now

Sometimes redeemer and healer

Wishes the pain was less

And the messages

Were passed more easily

I am no different than anyone else

My mistakes are no different

I am

Despite all I place around my my core now

Perhaps still nothing most days

But a product of cruelty

And therefore a very poor teacher of empathy

And how it can often turn on you

Above all though

I thank you

For you time at that time

Your kindness, faith

And your understanding

Even if it was brief

Because of my inability to be a better man



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Well I was just gonna snoop around but then you went and got the sneaky membership which allows you to see if I come round snooping. Fucking hell, is nothing sacred anymore? 
The day
Anyone finds
Anything here
I will already be
Bearing a cross
Isn't that what you've been doing, what with Easter and all?
You, sir, are officially on my Watch, on the off chance that I may have the pleasure of reading any of your subsequent posts. Just in case you change your mind and a bit of your brilliance hits Deviantart.
I am hoping you will change your mind. :nod:
I look forward to reading more. You are truly talented. And your work is sorely missed by many, including me. :)
I will post more
From the book
After it is out

In the mean time
My great thanks
To you
And the many
Whoever they are
Or become
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